Deep Transmagnetic Stimulation Therapy (d-TMS) and Electroconvulsive Therapy in the treatment of Addiction and Comorbid Psychosis

Dr. Nesrin Dilbaz, Professor of Psychiatry , in the Üsküdar University  of Medical and Üsküdar University English Psychology Department and she directs NP Brain Hospital Addiction Treatment Center and also she directs the Addiction Research and Applied Center of Üsküdar University. She worked as the founder and president of Ankara Substance Abuse (Treatment and Research Center AMATEM) between  2004-2011. Dr. Dilbaz, who won the 2007 Best in Social Responsibility award with her work on the protection of young people from substance use in Türkiye. She worked on the Substance Addiction Treatment Platform with the United Nations, the European Union and the Council of Europe Pompediu Group. Dr. Dilbaz, who has also been working as a member of the National Coordination Board of the National HIV-AIDS project carried out by the Global Fund and the Ministry of Health, the National Tobacco Board and the Ministry of Health Substance Abuse Scientific Commission since 2005, is also  member of the American Psychiatric Association, Neuroscience Education Institute, World Biological Psychiatry Association, World Schizophrenia Association, Turkish Psychiatric Association, Turkish Neuropsychiatry Association, Turkish Addiction Association, Red Crescent Society Central Board Membership She  is also the national coordinator of European ESPAD Group and Works together with the Ministry of Health and the United Nations on “The Profile of Substance Abuse Among 16-Year Old High school Students in Turkey,” Dilbaz, is also on the editorial board of CNS Spectrum. She is currently the founder and active president of the Mental Health, Brain and Addiction Research Association.  She has more than 200 publications, national and international book chapter authorship and edited books. She is the editor of the Addiction Textbook. 

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