‘Update on Preventive, Treatment and Recovery strategies to prevent opioid-related deaths’

Professor Sir John Strang has published extensively in the addictions field, with more than 500 publications. He is Head of the Addictions Department and is also Leader of the Addictions CAG (Clinical Academic Group) of Kings Health Partners AHSC (Academic Health Science Centre).  He also has extensive experience as a Lead Clinician in charge of a wide range of treatments in community and residential settings and has been a Consultant Psychiatrist in addictions treatment for over 30 years. Professor Sir Strang also provides the overall leadership for the Addictions CAG within King’s Health Partners, and forms one of the core areas of the Academic Health Science Centre. Professor Sir Strang has chaired and/or served on key committees or guidelines groups for the Department of Health, for NICE and for the WHO.  He trained as a medical doctor (MBBS) and then specialised in psychiatry – first at Guy’s and then at the Maudsley.  He has worked in the addictions field since the mid-1970s. Current research interests include: new analyses of impact of public policy; potential approaches involving family members and take-home emergency naloxone to prevent heroin-overdose deaths; incentive-based interventions to improve treatment effectiveness in reducing drug use and associated harms; clinical trials of potential new pharmacotherapies and behavioural and psychological therapies in the addictions field; investigations of supervised injecting clinics for managing entrenched heroin addicts who cannot otherwise be engaged in treatment.

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